Learning is just like building a brick wall. With strong foundations, every child can learn how to do Maths and English with the right support. Unfortunately, most children do not get the individual support they need, resulting in “knowledge gaps” meaning learning gets harder and harder as they go through school. Think about it, how can we expect to learn fractions if you can not multiply, how can you expect to learn algebra if you can not do fractions?

Most teachers and tutors are time poor, so they will focus on what the student is having trouble in school today. But today is not the problem! Yes, when the child is working through a question with a tutor they think they understand the problem but normally as soon as the tutor has left or a few days later, the student has forgotten how to do it. Why is this? Because the child never had the right foundations to truly understand the new concepts being taught.

A good tutor will identify the knowledge gaps and fix them, so that the student has strong enough foundations to learn and understand the topic being taught in school today. This is exactly how the Kinetic Education programs work. We assess every student and personalize their learning experience and make sure they learn one brick at a timeā€¦. Just like building a brick wall. We are able to do this more efficiently by providing the student support with every question, so that they learn it the right way the first time. If children do not have support for every question, they can learn the wrong way. This pattern can be very hard to break and becomes frustrating for the child. This is very important and is the reason why children can learn concepts more quickly on Maths Wiz and English Wiz.

The Maths Wiz and English Wiz programs are effective for students of all ages and abilities. Every child is able to progress through the wall of knowledge at their own pace.



The most comprehensive online teaching, testing and revision program with support from real tutors.

  • Suitable for all students.
  • Used in schools for advanced, intermediate and intervention students.
  • Supports school curriculum.
  • Includes 25,000+ questions, 700+ lessons and tutorials, 65+ games.
  • Step by step interactive solutions.
  • Recorded sound for beginner readers.
  • Great preparation for Secondary School.


Multisensory learning – combines seeing, and doing. Suitable for all students. Covers all the language skills taught in school:

  • Comprehension passages
  • Text analysis
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Grammar