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iSmartStudent International Inc., operating as iSmartStudent, is a 100% Canadian owned incorporated company.  We are licensed to market across Canada the Math Doctor diagnostic tool, the Math Wiz and the English Wiz online learning programs and the APLUS Incentive Program with points and prizes for learning.  The advanced Learning Management System includes a comprehensive reporting tool that prepares personalized lesson plans that are updated weekly.   Ten hours a week of online one-on-one tutoring, a home work help line, a parent’s help line and essay reviews are provided. When Math Wiz and English Wiz are combined with support from our tutoring team, it is a very effective and affordable learning solution.

Our mission is to ensure every student reaches their full potential and gets accepted by the University or Community College of their choice.  Our system builds competency and increases confidence in school and outside of the classroom.  The company employs a team of professional tutors and educators who are only a phone call away.  They closely monitor students’ progress and provide advice and support so that you can be confident that your child will excel at school.

Teachers and Principals have reported concepts that may take hours to learn in the classroom can be learned in just a few minutes with the program due to its interactive nature, engaging content, games and systematic progression through the curriculum.  Educators appreciate the ability of Math Doctor to pinpoint exactly which lessons each student needs to learn and the ability of Math Wiz to automatically create personalized weekly lesson plans and weekly reports.  Math Wiz supplements in class learning with an online system that gives students the flexibility to learn anytime, get immediate feedback and work at their own pace in an environment that forgives mistakes.