Being parents, sometimes it becomes hard to know whether your child needs something or not. The same applies to academics too. You might not know whether or not your child needs a math tutor.

Having help in math inside the comfort zone of your home would not only help in strengthening the concepts learned in school, but would also help the child with their homework. This extra step from your side will help in boosting their confidence to perform well, or at the very least, enjoy math more.


5 Indications that it is high time you look out for a MATH TUTOR

Have you ever encountered these symptoms in your child while studying mathematics?

If not, then take cue of these early signs i.e. red flags about the need of a math tutor for your child’s academic progress:


1. Your child isn’t doing well in math and you can’t help them.


Being working parents, it is not always possible to give time to kids in their academics and thus it becomes difficult to make your child take interest in the subject. Additionally, not having enough knowledge also puts a hindrance to the overall learning experience.

At this point in time, it becomes essential that you look out for a math tutor for your child to lift the weight off your shoulders, along with understanding where your child is actually struggling.


  1. Your child is progressing really fast in class and might need extra hand.

It is possible that your child is moving quickly, far ahead of the others in the classroom and by practicing more, your child could use some support with the help of a tutor.

This would not only build their self-confidence, but also help deal with boredom and avoid diminishing interest in the subject.


  1. Your child might need help but not with some stranger in-house.

Private, in-person tutors are not only pretty expensive but need a definite amount of time per day or per week at a quiet place in home.

Moreover, allowing your child to be in the company of a stranger might not be a good idea to you. So get help from an online math tutor instead of having someone in your home.

Ensure that the source of the tutor is trustworthy and the tutor themselves are highly qualified.


4 . Conflicting daily schedules for both you and the child can be problematic.

There are chances that you and your child’s schedule is so jam-packed that travelling to and from the tutoring center is taking a toll on the family.

In that situation, using an online math tutor for your child would not only remove the hassle of travelling, but would also let your child learn and grow in the comfort of their home.

Moreover, they can work anywhere and at any time without worrying or stressing. This not only saves time and energy wasted on going out, but also helps them concentrate more.


  1. Resistance to getting in-person help empowers online tutoring.

Your child might hate the idea of a teacher constantly snooping over them or standing over their shoulder, not making them confident enough to solve problems, or obstructing to move ahead.

That is where an online tutor would come to the rescue by letting them learn at their own pace, with correct answers and feedback coming immediately.

Since your child will receive feedback while learning, they’ll be able to put their efforts in doing things right at that moment and not being corrected later after forgetting things.


How to find the best online math tutor for your child?

Before settling with very the first result while searching for an online math tutor, ensure that the math program has:



  • Certified and personalized math tutor


With iSmartStudent you get support from experts who are available 365 days and 24*7 for any help needed either by the student or their parents. They are experts in their fields and have been trained to teach kids from all age groups with high expertise in what they do.

The Math Doctor Diagnostic Assessment will help you find the gaps in a child’s learning process and then their tutors will  create weekly lesson plans and assignment. These assignments are personalized for each child, boost their confidence and fill the gaps in their learning.


  1. Progression, not reiteration

Solving the same kind of problem again and again isn’t of any help. It won’t build any thinking or reasoning skills.

The Math Wiz program of iSmartStudent uses AI to raise the level of difficulty with each progressing question and the APLUS Incentives program is a methodological and systematic approach to learning and understanding.


  1. Engaging yet intriguing user interface for kids

It’s not always about the way a tutor teaches or presents questions that is important, but the interface in which a child uses while learning. The user-friendly interface of iSmartStudent lets kids interact in a fun way while learning core concepts and refining what they know already. Children love how the program looks and it always keeps them busy. It helps them stay engaged and makes learning fun again.

Is iSmartStudent the right choice for your kid’s development and online math tutoring?

You don’t need to study the same old methods and books to make your child succeed and perform exceptionally well.

iSmartStudent Math & English program has over 20 years of experience and millions of dollars in development. Let the experts handle your child’s education and make learning fun again. Your job is just to find the best educational resource for your child and iSmartStudent is where your search would end.

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