Instant Feedback



Why Choose APLUS?

  1. It’s a step-by-step systematic approach to learning. Gap Assessment test identifies the knowledge gaps first, before fixing them in a fun way.
  2. Weekly Personalised Lesson Plans – personalized lesson plans is a Unique benefit which helps children catch up faster and realize their full learning potential.
  3. Children learn at their own pace – no more pressure of rushing through topics and not understanding them.
  4. Accelerated Learning – Instant feedback means children learn much faster. Concepts that can take up to 2 weeks in the classroom can be learnt in just 20mins.
  5. Covers K -12 and includes 25000+ questions, 700+ lessons & tutorials, 65+ games – so you know they are getting the support they need.
  6. Support from real tutors – children and parents can just pick up the phone.
  7. More engaging and fun – children love the interaction and incentives program.
  8. It replaces twice a week tutoring with 24/7 365 days learning
  9. Weekly lesson plans are designed & adjusted to initially focus on weak areas to fix the gaps quickly, and subsequently for revision, practice and preparation in advance.
  10. The program helps children build confidence, thus improving their performance and realize their success