Thousands of

Satisfied Families

Student Success Stories

“I found the software to be equivalent to a personal
tutor for me.”
Sherry, Commerce/Law

“The ‘Maths and English Wiz’ programs assisted me with school and were easy to use.
I found that what I had learned at school was reinforced with the lessons in the program when I got back home. It allows you to review any key concepts at home so you can be sure you understand them. I liked the fact that it allowed me to prepare for outcomes and exams. It made me feel confident in that I felt I covered every aspect of the course.”
Inggrid, Dental Health

“Not only were there heaps of exam type examples, but also the program offered step-by-step solutions. It allowed me to constantly test myself and keep a track of my improvement.”
Premal, Pharmacy

“Maths and English Wiz was a help because it allowed for the practice of coursework in a way that enabled the identification of weak areas of knowledge and the strengthening of those areas. It also gave another angle at which to view the information studied and hence improve explanations when answering questions.”
Jenny, Medicine

“I used Maths and English Wiz to consolidate the work that I had learnt. It was really good for filling in the blanks which I hadn’t understood before – because the program explained in a different way, which I could understand better. The program was really helpful for finding clear explanations about the things we needed to know, instead of having to read through the textbook to try and find the relevant bits.”
Hemal, Dentistry

“Maths Wiz is really exciting,
it never gets boring… When I started using Maths Wiz, it was fantastic, I went from a C to a B minus, to a B plus, to an A.”
Ebony, Grade 5 Student

Parents and Teachers

“The increase in confidence was quite remarkable. In fact, kids that had no confidence had started contributing in the classroom. They were particularly proud to show that they had grasped some concepts which the ‘smarter’ kids were finding difficult! Symmetry was one such example.”
Peter Hurst, Teacher and Maths Coordinator

“On a personal level and as a teacher who genuinely loves maths, I have no hesitation in recommending Maths Wiz to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and extensive maths programme for school children to improve their maths skills, understanding of key concepts as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem.”
Leena Sheth, School Teacher

“I am most impressed that, using the program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the ‘hard work’ which is generally associated with learning maths through conventional methods. They feel that they are succeeding and success breeds success.”
George Moran, School Principal

“Olivia has been using Maths Wiz and English Wiz for five months now and she absolutely loves it. She is going in to grade one this year and is already doing grade three maths and reading grade two books. Not only has it improved her numeracy and literacy it has grown her computer skills.”
Richard, Father of 6-year-old Olivia

“I enrolled in the Maths and English Wiz Programs for my daughter Robyn who was then 15 years of age doing Year 9. Robyn was a struggling student in both Maths and English. Robyn started using the programs immediately and managed to pass her first maths test in two years! She came from a failing 12% from the previous maths test to a passing 51% on her subsequent maths test.”
Jane, Parent of Year 9 student

“I have referred other families to this program and recommend it for anyone who wants to see their children enjoy the learning process and give them a competitive edge at school.”
Mrs. Mann, Mother of 2 Children

Educational Bodies and Authorities

“I am impressed by Kinetic Education’s passion and commitment to provide state of the art, curriculum based, educational programs that places it at the forefront of emerging personalised approaches to learning and pedagogy. Children are able to learn at their own pace while the teacher can closely monitor each child’s progress against relevant student outcomes.”
Christopher Cotching, President of the Australian Principals Federation

“Kinetic Education shows a commitment to building children’s confidence in their Maths, and that is something the AAMT sees as very important to any student’s progress.”
Will Morony, AAMT Executive Officer

“You can learn at your own pace; and then it’s not like when a teacher asks you a question, you get it wrong, then you get embarrassed. Here, the computer asks you and doesn’t judge you. If you get it wrong, you just simply go back, learn a bit more progressively; so, it’s a very safe way of learning, and yet it’s fun at the same time. It’s interactive.”
Dr Peter Shephard, Ph. D., D. Lit -Leading Authority on the Psychology of Learning

“Best Educational Program.” As featured on Sunrise television breakfast program.
Peter Blasina (The Gadget Guy), Technology Reporter

“A lot of children start off school just as smart as any other but for some reason their readiness isn’t available for them to learn something that might be a maths series or some phonics or some reading and then they never get to catch up. They’re always feeling that they’re not good enough. They’re always feeling that the other kids are smarter than them and they need some special help… Maths and English Wiz can give parents a great sense of direction and a sense of structured involvement, which will give them great satisfaction.”
Dr Janet Hall, Clinical and Counselling Psychologist