Children Learn at their

own pace

Learning is more engaging and fun

The Math Doctor


The Math Doctor Online Diagnostic Tool pinpoints exactly what your children know and do not know. It uses Artificial Intelligence that adjusts the difficulty throughout the assessment. This unique feature allows the Math Doctor to go back through the curriculum to identify exactly where Knowledge Gaps start. These Gaps are the main cause of what holds back children from reaching their full potential in school.

  • Designed for children of all understanding and school levels from KG – Grade 12
  • Weekly Personalized Lesson plans helps children catch up faster, get ahead and learn in a structured manner

As parents we know that developing strong Math skills is one of the most important areas of learning in the elementary grades.  Each student learns at their own pace and often early problems in Mathematics are compounded when more complex skills are added in later grades.  That is why it is so important to find out exactly where your child has Knowledge Gaps in Math.  Another issue is that Gaps get created during the long summer holidays when most children stop practicing.

The Math Doctor is similar to a visit to the doctor where symptoms are diagnosed first and then followed up with a prescription to remedy the problem. The Math Doctor does the same thing by finding the Knowledge Gaps first and then generating personalized lesson plans which are specifically designed to fill each child’s individual Gaps.

Children can learn at their own pace, without the pressure of rushing through topics and not understanding them. Online learning with instant feedback, supported by personalized attention from our tutors, means children learn much faster achieve higher marks and build confidence.