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Fixes the GAPs in Child’s Learning

GAPS in Child’s Education

If a child is not getting A grades in school or is struggling in a subject, it is because of the Gaps in understanding of concepts.

Learning is just like building a brick wall, you build one layer at a time. Each brick represents a new topic. If one brick is missing, it creates a gap. Similarly, a gap in the student’s knowledge takes place if a child is unable to understand a topic because they are:

  1. Absent due to sickness or being on a holiday
  2. Shy to ask in class
  3. Not paying attention or
  4. Unable to understand a topic

Each year this gap gets bigger and bigger until it becomes a “Gap Syndrome.”

These knowledge gaps cause learning to become harder and harder. Think about it, if you cannot multiply, how can you learn fractions, and if you do not understand fractions, how can you understand algebra?

Such is the case with the child’s Math wall: If these Gaps are not identified and filled at an early stage, they become a major problem later. Children’s marks and confidence keep getting lower & lower as they move to the next grade. Math Doctor is an amazing assessment tool which diagnosis your child’s knowledge gaps with pin-point accuracy in about 45 minutes.