5 Signs that your child needs a Math Tutor and perhaps how to do it!

Being parents, sometimes it becomes hard to know whether your child needs something or not. The same applies to academics too. You might not know whether or not your child needs a math tutor. Having help in math inside the comfort zone of your home would not only help in strengthening the concepts learned in school, but would also help the child with their homework. This extra step from your side will help in boosting their confidence to perform well, or at the very least, enjoy math more.   5 Indications that it is high time you look out for a MATH TUTOR Have you ever encountered these symptoms in your child while studying mathematics? If not, then take cue of these early signs i.e. red flags about the need of a math tutor for your child’s academic progress:   1. Your child isn’t doing well in math and you can’t help them.   Being working parents, it is not always possible to give time to kids in their academics and thus it becomes difficult to make your child take interest in the subject. Additionally, not having enough knowledge also puts a hindrance to the overall learning experience. At this point in time, it becomes essential that you look out for a math tutor for your child to lift the weight off your shoulders, along with understanding where your child is actually struggling.   Your child is progressing really fast in class and might need extra hand. It is possible that your child is moving quickly, far ahead of the others in the classroom and by practicing more, your... read more

8 steps to help your child perform better at academics in school

8 steps to help your child perform better at academics in school School is the most important part of a child’s life while growing up. While the academic domain is largely considered to be the part of school life, parents play a huge role in supporting the child perform better at academics in school. So, what can you, as a parent, do to make your kids smarter? Parents are often confused as to how they can support their child succeed in school. The lack of time or weak hold over the content your child is learning at school, it becomes almost impossible to keep up with your kid. Here are the 8 basic steps which can help your child perform better at academics in school:   Talk to your child about their interests, strengths, and weaknesses to help them do well at school The first step to help your child do well at school is to get the basics right. Be your child’s confidante and ask them to share their problems, weaknesses and strengths with you so as to get a better idea of what they need help with. Once you know the weaknesses, you can formulate a plan to help them improve their grades. The Math Doctor Diagnostic Tool is an excellent online resource to assess your child’s current knowledge level. It identifies the knowledge gaps which pose a hindrance to learning and their origin to help you get a clear picture of your child’s academic status. The test uses artificial intelligence that adjusts the difficulty level to better suit the child’s level and provides a comprehensive assessment... read more